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Recycled paper wedding invitations

Recycled Paper Wedding Invitations | Eco-Friendly Invitations

"Eco-friendly, green, organic, new tree free, environmentally sound, socially responsible" this is how our 100% recycled paper invitations are described. Beautiful colors, luxurious textured paper, colorful speckles, our selection of recycled papers will complement your eco-chic wedding invitations. If you find a design on plantable paper, the good news is that all the invitations displayed on the site are available in 100% recycled paper. Save up to 40% with our 100% recycled paper and stay under your budget. The print quality and premium paper will wow your guests, and you'll be showered with compliments.

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Rustic Ferns Wedding Invitations | Timeless Ferns Square Photo Wedding Save the Date Sentimental (100% recycled paper) Wildflowers Wreath Wedding Invitations | Elegant Botany
Script Wedding Invitations Graceful calligraphy with gold accents Succulents Wedding Invitations, send and sealed format The Peak Mountains Wedding Invitations (100% recycled linen paper)
The Peak (premium)

As low as 1.97
Photo Wedding Save the Date | Rustic Love (100% recycled paper) San Diego Skyline Wedding Invitations on Premium 100% recycled paper Photo Save the Date for weddings | First Kiss (100% recycled paper)
New York skyline Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations Tiffany blue Wedding Invitations with gold Elegant Wedding Invitations with stripes
Ny Skyline (Premium)

As low as 1.57
Eternal (premium)

As low as 1.97
Yours Truly (premium)

As low as 1.97

San Diego Mission Alcala Wedding Invitations | Wedding cards Alcala Mountain Rustic Wedding Invitations on premium vintage 100 recycled paper | Majestic Range Colorado Mountains Wedding Invitations | Colorado Skies
Summer Camp Wedding Invitations on premium vintage 100 recycled paper Vintage Sunflower Wedding Invitations | Country Sunflower Photo Wedding Save the Date | Desire (100% recycled paper)
Summer Camp (premium)

As low as 1.57

Photo Save the Date for wedding | White Band (100% recycled paper) Lake Tahoe Wedding Invitations on premium vintage 100 recycled paper Indian Wedding Invitations | Shantih
Lake Tahoe (premium)

As low as 1.57

Autumn Wedding Save the Date Cards | Abundant Harvest (100% recycled paper) Gold Wedding Invitations - Gold Soire Lighthouse Wedding Invitations ~ Cape Code(100% recycled paper)
Cape Cod (premium)

As low as 1.97
Hydrangea Wedding Invitations | French Hydrangea Photo Save the Date | Happy Announcement (100% recycled paper) Sunrise Wedding Invitations | Tuscany Hills
Surf Save the Date | Swamis California (100% recycled paper) Green Wedding Invitations | The Love of Green (recycled paper) Wildflowers Wedding Invitations | Wild Song
Wild Song (premium)

As low as 1.97
Paisley Wedding Invitations | Indian Smile Vintage Wedding Invitations | Solid Oak (100% recycled paper) Vintage Wedding Invitations | Shalom
Solid Oak (Vintage)

As low as 1.97

Shalom (Vintage edition)

As low as 1.97

Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations | Rural Winter Night Elegant Wedding Invitations | Aphrodite (100% recycled paper) Fall Wedding Invitations | Nested Foliage
Sunset Wedding Invitations | Sunset Surf Save the Date | California Surfboards (100% recycled) Moon Themed Wedding Invitations | Blue Moon
Blue Moon (premium)

As low as 1.57
Forest Wedding Save the Date | Woodland Wildflowers Spring Wedding Invitations | Spring Joy Winery Wedding Invitations | Peach and Grapes
Tropical Destination Wedding Invitations | Island Winds Lemon Tree Wedding Invitations | Citrus Blossoms (100% recycled paper) Vintage Rustic Wedding Invitations | Wilderness
Island Winds

As low as 1.57
Rustic Wedding Invitations | Ohio Creek Cabin (100% recycled paper) Rustic Tree Wedding Invitations | Southern Charm (100% recycled) Lemon Tree Wedding Invitations | Citrus Blossoms
Ohio Creek Cabin (vintage)

As low as 1.97

Southern Charm (100% Recycled Paper)

As low as 1.97

Graphic Set Up $49.00
Chalkboard Save the Date | Bright and Bold (100% Recycled) Sunflower Wedding Invitations | Magnificent Sunflower Chalkboard Floral Wedding Invitations | Scarlet Evening
Scarlet Evening

As low as 1.57
Fall Tree Wedding Save the Date | Fall Oak Mountain Wedding Invitations | Beaver Creek, CO (all in one format) Chalkboard Floral Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations | Summer Stories (100% recycled chalk paper)
Summer Stories (Chalk)

As low as 1.97

Vintage Tree Wedding Invitations | Big Sur Trails (100% recycled paper) Vintage Tree Wedding Invitations | Childhood Tree (100% recycled paper) Chalk Wedding Invitations - Antique Book
Childhood Tree

As low as 1.97

Wood Wedding Invitations | Mountain Lodge (100% recycled paper) Dog Save the Date | The Labrador (100% recycled paper) Golden Border Wedding Invitations | Polished Gold (100% recycled paper)
Mountain Lodge (premium)

As low as 1.97


Unique Wedding Invitations | 100% Recycled Paper

All of our beautiful designs can be printed on our 100% Recycled Paper. We use premium papers and only the most eco-friendly materials to create invitations that are truly green. Unique formats, combined with exclusive designs from ForeverFiances, will impress your guests. You deserve nothing but the best for your wedding day!
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Customer reviews of our Recycled Paper Wedding Invitaitons

May 1, 2015 | Amazing Invitations!
We love our invitations! The vintage paper is awesome with the all in one format. Can't wait to order our programs! Thank you!!!!"
-Jenna, Denver, CO

April 14, 2015 | Amazing quality
"Thank you ForeverFiances! You are amazing :)"
-Alex, Los Angeles, CA

October 21, 2014 | Gorgeous!
We love our invitations! Thank you for a truly flawless experience. We have started to recommend you to friends and family."
-Jennifer W, Sacramento, CA

August 18, 2014 | YAY!
Perfect - 5 stars! We just wanted to thank you all for the excellent work you did on our invitations. We LOVE our invitations!"
-Anusha, New Orleans, LA

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