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how to plant your cards?

Seeded paper business cards green

Plantable Business Cards on Seeded Paper by Green Business Print

Unique eco-friendly promotion tool to show your green values. Small businesses love it!

  • Your business cards will create a unique first lasting impression 🌟
  • Stand out with something different than the typical business card your competitors hand out to their clients.
  • Thicker than your standard business card, they are embedded with wildflower 🌱seeds or garden herbs.
  • A great conversation starter 💭, and a perfect way to get your foot in the door. These cards will make your business more memorable and attract the clientele that appreciate great quality and green ♻️ materials.
  • Invite your customers to plant your card.
  • Discover all our plantable business cards
  • We can also print your own artwork.

plantable business cards

Navy Stripes Business Cards

navy stripes business cards

Blush Roses Business Cards

blush pink rose business cards

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