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how to plant your cards?

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Holiday Greetings Cards

If you own a business of any kind then you know the importance of your carbon footprint and your green image on your customers. You know that they look at these things and use them as deciding factors when choosing the company they want to work with. That means you need to start thinking long and hard about how you?re going to improve your green image and reduce your carbon footprint and how better to do that than with 100% recycled corporate holidays cards?

corporate holiday cards

❄ ⛄We offer a large selection of holiday cards for green businesses.

South Coast

Discover our new Corporate Holiday Cards, South Coast by Green Business Print. Spread holiday cheers to your contacts and co-workers with this coastal beach inspired holiday greeting card. Hand-painted in our studio and it conveys fresh beach grass and a relaxed feel.

  • Printed on premium handmade seeded paper, which will bloom into wildflowers once planted.🌱
  • Spread joy to your friends, family, and co-workers with this warm holiday greeting card.

south coast beach holiday greeting cards

Holiday Cards on seeded paper

Discover our Business Holiday Cards, Glacier Spirit. Landscape with mountains, pine trees and snow painted by watercolor.
Gorgeous illustration inspired by the Washington Glacier National Park.

Seeded Corporate Holiday Cards Glacier

Frozen Brook Holiday cards

Shop Frozen Brook Business Holiday Greeting Cards. Shop eco friendly business holiday cards with a Frozen brook scenery. Sing the holiday spirit with your business colleagues, family, and co-workers with this winter forest theme greeting card that reinvents. Featured on Seeded Paper. (yes you can plant the card in the spring 🌱)

eco friendly holiday cards business

Plantable Business Cards on Seeded Paper by Green Business Print

Unique eco-friendly promotion tool to show your green values. Small businesses love it!

  • Your business cards will create a unique first lasting impression 🌟
  • Stand out with something different than the typical business card your competitors hand out to their clients.
  • Thicker than your standard business card, they are embedded with wildflower 🌱seeds or garden herbs.
  • A great conversation starter 💭, and a perfect way to get your foot in the door. These cards will make your business more memorable and attract the clientele that appreciate great quality and green ♻️ materials.
  • Invite your customers to plant your card.
  • Discover all our plantable business cards
  • We can also print your own artwork.

You can plant the cards!

Invite your contacts and customers to plant your holiday greeting cards in the spring. 100% biodegradable and will grow wildflowers or garden herbs.

seeded paper greeting cards

One thing we love about the Urban lines collection is how modern looking it is. Printed on the green(est) paper on the planet, this best selling business card collection is a must try!

modern green business cards

green business print