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Who we are

When we created ForeverFiances, we were looking for a way to keep the rush and excitement we felt when we got engaged, alive through our entire marriage. Our vow to be forever fiances has enabled us to grow a business based on love, integrity, beauty, and remaining informed and thoughtful about the products we offer to people who are celebrating life's greatest occasions. All of our products at ForeverFiances are ecofriendly with hundreds of options and styles to choose from including Do It yourself options.

Recently, Foreverfiances has expanded to offer more than just invitations and stationary. We now offer business cards and merchandising stationary for businesses who want to go green and show that they are ecofriendly all the way down to their business cards. Just like our invitations, our green business cards and stationary are 100% biodegradable.

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Foreverfiances has worked with some of the largest and most environmentally friendly retailers on the globe including Nokia, UK TV, GoGreenSolar, UCSF Medical Center, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Hilton,ColdWell banker, Ameriprise Financial, and the Cohn Restaurant group among other. Whether your business is big or small you can be sure that Foreverfiances is here to help you with your printable green business solutions.

Our Mission Statement: ForeverFiances is an ecofriendly company whose mission is to lead with love, integrity and beauty by creating paper products and invitations that are environmentally friendly while fostering an atmosphere of giving back and environmental responsibility amongst our employees, colleagues, and customers.

Green Ethic & Integrity

Environmental ethic

ForeverFiances is a firm believer in doing our part to help preserve the world. We hope to maintain the natural beauty that surrounds us by using green techniques and environmentally friendly products and materials from our invitations to the offices our employees and designers work in.

As of 2015, more than a quarter (25.9%) of our 262.43 million tons of municipal solid waste was paper. This was also the largest category of waste. We are happy that this number has dropped however from 84.8 million tons of paper waste in 2005 to 68.1 in 2015. This is partly due to the emergency of recycled papers and ecofriendly options such as plantable invitations like we offer at ForeverFiances. Some of our other ecological tenants include:

  • Our company operates under a strict policy of reducing the CO2 emission through green technologies and innovative printing methods.
  • Our offices utilize eco-friendly supplies, such as post-consumer packaging materials and energy efficient electronic devices and appliances.
  • As part of our comprehensive strategy to support energy conservation and renewable energy, ForeverFiances continues to explore ways to reduce energy use throughout our operations by supplementing with other renewable energy technologies including solar infrastructure, micro-hydro turbines, and geothermal heating.
  • We are FSC certified which guarantees ForeverFiances products are responsibly sourced from forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

We also offer a more affordable option of non-plantable paper that is still ecofriendly by being made from recycled paper. Each of our paper products is environmentally friendly. This business model has helped us to grow our success in combination with excellent customer service, great designs, and green paper.

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Integrity and Giving Back

ForeverFiances has pledged 1% of our revenues to several nonprofit organizations that support environmental causes near and dear to our hearts. We choose these charities annually based on a selective criterion. Some of the organizations we support include:

Integrity and Customer Service

ForeverFiances is devoted to providing excellent customer service that exceeds expectations. Aside from our invitations, our customer service is what we are complimented on the most. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built through our years of creating great invitations with truly unique paper and stationary. Don't just take our word for it though. Check out our customer testimonials.

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Featured in the Press over the years

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Why Forever Fiances Plantable, Seeded Papers are so Special!

Not only are Forever Fiances seeded papers plantable and eco-friendly, they are also created to be beautiful, artisanal art. Discover the most amazing invitation paper in the world when you choose our plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds.

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All of the seeded invitations at Forever Fiances are handmade including the exquisite watercolor designs, with love and nature in mind. These romantic, environmentally friendly wedding and special event invitations combines art and ethics to create a truly unique product you can't get anywhere else.

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We also offer a selection of exclusive designs that allow you to print your own text and make it truly yours. Be creative and express what is important to you, making the stationery to fit your own style. Use our merchandising tags to spread word of mouth about your business and make it memorable. Our plantable paper is unique and is embedded with wildflower and garden herbs seeds that will grow once planted. Make a statement with our stationery and help save the environment with our stationery that is 100% biodegradable, made with 100% recycled paper. Your special occasion guests will remember your event for years to come!

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Green Business Print

Meet Green Business Print, Our Premium Stationery Brand for green businesses and those who live to stand out from the crowd.

Make a great first impression that is sure to last with our unique, green business cards. Printed on plantable paper embedded with wildflower and garden herb seeds, our business cards are sure to impress your colleagues and potential clients.

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We have a great selection of exclusive designs with fully customizable text. Create your own style and show what is important to you; your mission statements, slogan, and of course your contact information. We offer the greenest business cards in America. Make a statement with our 100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly business cards.

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