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ForeverFiances - Our Beginnings
If you are or have been a fiance you have experienced the ultimate rush of love and passion. When our founders were getting married they vowed to be ForeverFiances - to keep those incredible feelings lasting throughout their marriage, so far so good! ForeverFiances is passionate about a few things, love, integrity, beauty and being thoughtful and informed about the products we choose to use so we are kinder to the earth - everything we use is eco-friendly.

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What Makes Us Unique
Plantable Paper
This signature handmade recycled paper is embedded with wildflower seeds. Therefore, you and your guests may plant the paper in soil and water only to watch beautiful flowers grow as a lasting memory of your special occasion. We also offer blank plantable cards so you can create your own wedding stationery or send us your design and we will print them for you with our easy Do It Yourself option. NEW! grow a garden: herbs seeds mix (oregano & thyme) embedded paper.

Recycled Paper
All of the paper we offer is recycled, including the envelopes. The majority of our recycled selection is made with 100% recycled paper - coming from the paper that you and I throw away in the blue recycle bin. Just think, maybe the paper you have recycled in the past will be made into your wedding invitations. Sustainability and waste conservation is our main concern so we do not use paper that comes from freshly cut trees. The benefit of offering recycled paper is the endless potential for colorful invites.

All in One
Invitations that are so unique and the greenest you can find because they eliminate the need for an envelope and have a detachable RSVP card that your guests can tear off and return as a postcard. This simple format consists of four flaps that easily fold up into a (4.5" x 5.5") card, ready for mailing.

Affordable Invites
Great for the couple with a smaller budget. Originally designed for Save the Dates, many brides use this as their wedding invite and ask their guests to RSVP to their wedding website, phone or email. A truly great value if you prefer plantable paper and want to spend less.

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Green Ethic & Integrity
Environmental ethic
ForeverFiances is a firm believer that everyone should do their part to help preserve the world we live in order to maintain all of its natural beauty that surrounds us.
+Our company operates under a strict policy of reducing the CO2 emission.
+Our offices utilize eco-friendly supplies, such as post-consumer packaging materials and energy efficient Apple computers.
+As part of our comprehensive strategy to support energy conservation and renewable energy, we also continue to explore ways to reduce energy use throughout all of our operations by supplementing them with other renewable energy technologies such as solar infrastructure, micro-hydro turbines and geothermal heating.

1% to our planet
ForeverFiances has pledged to give 1% of its revenues to several non-profit organizations supporting environmental causes.
+These organizations are picked on selective criteria each calendar year.
+Projects like the CharityWater.org. ~ charity: water is a non-profit bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.
+A portion of the proceeds for all these products, will be donated to breast cancer research, the American Heart Association, World Vision and Monarch School.

Customer Service
ForeverFiances is devoted to providing excellent customer service. We believe customer service is a product and we love what we do and we believe it shows. I would say that aside from our invitations we get the most compliments on our customer service. Don't take our word for it, see what our clients have said here.

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Live with Love and Passion Happily Ever After - The ForeverFiances Team
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Career Opportunities / HR
We're always looking for motivated people to join us in our California headquarters, and occasionally in our overseas office. We are especially interested in people who share a passion for love, our dedication to quality and our desire to make a difference. Email us at career@foreverfiances.com.

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