seeded paper from foreverfiances
1% to the planet

ForeverFiances' signature handmade paper is made with 100% post consumer waste paper - which means that 100% of the paper is made with paper recycled from the paper that you & I throw away in the blue bin.  Maybe your invitations are made with some of your junk mail: wouldn't it be great?

This signature paper is embedded with wildflower seeds.  Therefore, you & your guests can dispose the paper into the dirt and grow wildflowers from it!
It is made with carbon neutral energy so it also makes us one the greenest invitations available! There are more than one type of seeds we offer, depending on what color you choose. Most of our paper is embedded with wildflower seeds that bloom into gorgeous flowers.  We currently offer an array of colors ranging from White to Bright Green, Lolita's Lavender to Lolita's Lime. We also have seeded paper that is embedded with our special garden herbs mix. Bright Green contains oregano & thyme seeds while our newest paper, Desert Brown, has a collection of oregano, thyme, basil, chives and parsley. The paper is significantly heavier than any invitation you will find and it has a unique texture that feels like the Braille reading paper due to the bumpy seeds that are dispersed all over.
+grow a garden:  herbs seeds mix (oregano & thyme) embedded paper.

Seeded Paper sprouting


Wildflowers sprouting from invitations