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Floral wedding invitations by ForeverFiances

Floral Wedding Invitations | Premium 100% recycled papers

Floral Wedding Invitations are so beautiful and can compliment any wedding. Flowers are traditional in weddings, many modern couples still have a flower girl dropping petals down the isle for the gorgeous bride. If you have a favorite flower, chances are we have a wedding invitation that will suite your style and bring beauty to your special day. Vibrant colors and intricate designs will amaze your guests and get them excited to celebrate with you on your wedding day. Browse through all of our floral wedding invitations to find your favorite! Print them on our handmade seeded paper, and have your guests plant them to grow their own wildflowers.

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Chalkboard Floral Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations | Summer Stories (100% recycled chalk paper) Chalk Floral Wedding Invitations | Pink Blush bouquet (100% recycled chalk paper) Hydrangea Wedding Invitations | French Hydrangea
Summer Stories (Chalk)

As low as $1.97

French Hydrangea (plantable)

As low as $2.77

Wildflowers Wreath Wedding Invitations | Elegant Botany Pink Orange Peonies Wedding Invitations on plantable paper | Peony Heaven White & Green Wild Flowers Wedding Invitations | Blush Bouquet
Rose Invitation on plantable paper | Divine Rose Poppy Wedding Invitation on premium recycled paper | Gorgeous Poppies Peony Wedding Invitations on plantable paper | Peonies Dream
Wildflowers Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper >> ForeverFiances Purple Flower Wedding Invitations | Antique Blooms Wildflowers Wedding Invitations | Wild Mimosas
Watercolor Wedding Invitations | Spiritual Leaves Lovely Floral Wedding Invitations | Teal Peach Eucalyptus Wedding Invitations | Enchanted Botany with Teal and green leaves
Wildflowers Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper | Floral Grace Red flowers bohemian Wedding Invitations | Rose wood Wildflowers Summer Wedding Invitations
Rosewood (premium)

As low as $1.97
Summer Stories (Premium)

As low as $1.97

Wildflowers Save the Date cards | Wildflowers Prairie Purple Flower Save the Date Cards | Antique Blooms Rose Save the Date Cards | Valentino Rose
Sunflower Wedding Invitations | Gorgeous Sunflower Wildflowers Spring Wedding Invitations | Spring Joy Wildflowers Wedding Invitations | Wild Song
Wild Song (premium)

As low as $1.97
Hydrangea Wedding Invitations | French Hydrangea Classic Wedding Invitations ~ Peonies in Wonderland Unique Wedding Invitations ~ Wildflowers Prairie
Unique Wedding Invitations - Californian Garden Lemon Tree Wedding Invitations | Citrus Blossoms Olive branches Wedding Invitations | Olive Blessings
Save the Date on Seed Paper ~ My Love Rosie by ForeverFiances Weddings Orchid Wedding Invitations on seeded paper with Pink and Peach accents Acacia Flower Wedding Invitations with yellow mimosa
Divine Orchids (plantable)

As low as $2.77

Sweet Acacia (premium)

As low as $1.57
Antique Garden Wedding Invitations Antique Rose Wedding Invitations Flowers Bouquet Wedding Invitations - Sentimental
Sentimental (premium)

As low as $1.97
Wildflowers Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper - Bright & Happy Poppy Watercolor Wedding Invitations | Poppies Field Hawaii Hibiscus Wedding Invitations from Maui (watercolor)
Bright & Happy (plantable)

As low as $2.77

Watercolor Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper ~ Botanical Blooms (watercolor) Delicate Wedding Invitations ~ Gorgeous Blooms (watercolor) Flower Save the Date | Gorgeous Poppies (100% recycled paper)
Gorgeous Blooms (plantable)

As low as $2.77

lily Watercolor wedding Invitations lilies Lemon Tree Wedding Invitations | Citrus Blossoms (100% recycled paper) Eco-friendly Wedding Invitations - Garden's Jewels (100% recycled)
Garden's Jewels (premium)

As low as $1.97

Tropical Wedding Invitations ~ Mahalo (100% recycled paper) Unique Save the Date cards ~ Sweet Seeds (100% recycled paper) Orchid Wedding Save the Date | Sweet Blooms
Mahalo (aio, premium)

As low as $1.97
Unique Wedding Invitations - Organic Yellow (Send and sealed format) Natural Maui Wedding Invitations | Summer Dance Floral Wedding Invitations ~ Sweet Seeds - Mint edition
Summer Dance (Maui)

As low as $1.97

Sweet Seeds (plantable)

As low as $2.67

Yellow Save the Date Cards - Sunflower (100% recycled paper) Recycled Paper Invitations ~ Botanical Playground (100% recycled paper) Seal and send wedding invitations ~ Forget Me Not
All in One Wedding Invitations - Vintage Peonies (Send and sealed format) Sweet Blooms Watercolor wedding Invitations Daisy Save the Date Cards | Wild Daisies
Sweet Blooms (premium)

As low as $1.97
Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations ~ Bougie Flowers Floral Wedding Invitations - Organic Yellow by ForeverFiances Garden Herbs Green Wedding Invitations ~ Love Scene (seeded)
Bougie Flowers (plantable)

As low as $5.09


Floral Theme Invitations | Botanical, Flowers, Blossoms

Browse floral wedding invitations. Offering an array of delicate flowers, bouquets, blooms, and more. With so many vibrant colors and designs to choose from, you are bound to find the right invitation for you!

Customer reviews of our Floral Wedding Invitations

February 6, 2015 | We LOVE our wedding invitations!
"Big delight to find this website to order delightful and unique cards made in the usa to be sent to my loved ones to enjoy our big day this upcoming April and able to remember that day with the flowers that the embedded seeds should grow! I can't wait to see the flowers this spring/summer! We love the hand written notes thanking us of the purchase and best wishes on our marriage. I highly recommend this website/company."
-Christine, Sandown, NH

September 6, 2012 | Juicy!
"Juicy and just perfect for our sunflower theme. Thank you for your excellent service."
-Amanda, Corona, CA

June 29, 2011 | Awesome
"LOVED my experience with Forever Fiances!! 100% highly recommend this company!! Our invitations are beautiful, fun-loving, unique and at the same time, give back to the environment. We ordered our invitations, RSVPs and reception cards from Forever Fiances from the Sunflower Collection with our invitations and RSVPs on seeded paper. Our guests love that they can plant the invitation to grow wildflowers and we plan to plant the RSVPs to have a beautiful wildflower garden to remind us of our wedding day! I seriously do not think it is possible to find a less stressful experience when it comes to wedding planning than I had w/ Forever Fiances! They are awesome so personable, helpful, attentive to detail and their response time is unbeatable! I was so pleasantly amazed at how quickly I received proofs and at how promptly the invitations were delivered after we placed our order. I cannot say enough great things about this company and their work product. I love our invitations thank you so much!!!! :)"
-Lauren, Mansfield, MA

June 1, 2011 | Love our invitations!
"Absolutely the best dandelion invites out there. Wildflowers seeds in the paper are a real plus :) Mahalo"
-Lara, Hawaii