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Garden Wedding Invitations | Garden Theme Wedding Invitations

Explore our delicate and unique collection of garden wedding invitations, made with handmade paper embedded with seeds which will grow into wildflowers, once planted. Perfect for any garden celebration, with a vintage, natural or modern theme.
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Hydrangea Wedding Invitations | French Hydrangea Oak Tree Wedding Invitations | Vieux Oak Pink Orange Peonies Wedding Invitations on plantable paper | Peony Heaven
French Hydrangea (plantable)

As low as $2.77

Rose Invitation on plantable paper | Divine Rose Poppy Wedding Invitation on premium recycled paper | Gorgeous Poppies Peony Wedding Invitations on plantable paper | Peonies Dream
Wildflowers Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper >> ForeverFiances Watercolor Wedding Invitation on plantable paper ~ Spring Orchard by ForeverFiances Weddings Purple Flower Wedding Invitations | Antique Blooms
Spring Orchard (plantable)

As low as $2.77

Wildflowers Wedding Invitations | Wild Mimosas Watercolor Wedding Invitations | Spiritual Leaves Lovely Floral Wedding Invitations | Teal Peach
Eucalyptus Wedding Invitations | Enchanted Botany with Teal and green leaves Send n Sealed Invitations ~ Golden Blooms Tree Wildflowers Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper | Floral Grace
Golden Blooms (premium)

As low as $1.97

Red flowers bohemian Wedding Invitations | Rose wood Send n Sealed Wedding invitations on 100% Recycled Paper ~ Enchanting Times Hydrangea wedding Save the Date Cards | Purple Hydrangea
Rosewood (premium)

As low as $1.97
Pink Hydrangea wedding Save the Date Cards | Italian Hydrangea Send n Sealed Invitations ~ Cherished Backyard (100% recycled antique paper) Send n Sealed Invitations ~ Forest Songs (100% recycled antique paper)
Cherished Backyard (premium)

As low as $1.97

Forest Songs (premium)

As low as $1.97

Wildflowers Summer Wedding Invitations Wildflowers Summer Save the Date Cards | Summer Stories Purple Flower Save the Date Cards | Antique Blooms
Summer Stories (Premium)

As low as $1.97

Rose Save the Date Cards | Valentino Rose Wildflowers Wedding Invitations | Wild Song Hydrangea Wedding Invitations | French Hydrangea
Wild Song (premium)

As low as $1.97
Balboa Park Invitations ~ The Tree We Climbed Into Rustic Tree Wedding Invitations ~ Love in the Country Succulents Wedding Invitations, send and sealed format
Plantable Table Cards on Cream seeded paper - Garden's Jewels by ForeverFIances Weddings Unique Wedding Invitations ~ Wildflowers Prairie Vintage Wedding Invitations ~ Romantic Garden
Romantic Garden (plantable)

As low as $1.77

Green Wedding Invitations ~ Ornamental Grass Wreath Wedding Invitations | Classic Wreath Olive branches Wedding Invitations | Olive Blessings
California wild coast wedding invitations on seeded paper Orchid Wedding Invitations on seeded paper with Pink and Peach accents Colorado Wildflowers Wedding Invitations ~ Bright Meadow
Wild Coast (eco, plantable)

As low as $2.17

Divine Orchids (plantable)

As low as $2.77

Antique Garden Wedding Invitations Antique Rose Wedding Invitations Flowers Bouquet Wedding Invitations - Sentimental
Sentimental (premium)

As low as $1.97
Wildflowers Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper - Bright & Happy Send n Sealed Invitations ~ Rose Garden (100% recycled) Poppy Watercolor Wedding Invitations | Poppies Field
Bright & Happy (plantable)

As low as $2.77

Rose Garden (premium)

As low as $1.97
Bird Save the Date Cards | Forest Songs Poppies Save the Date Cards | Bright & Happy Hawaii Hibiscus Wedding Invitations from Maui (watercolor)
Watercolor Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper ~ Botanical Blooms (watercolor) Delicate Wedding Invitations ~ Gorgeous Blooms (watercolor) lily Watercolor wedding Invitations lilies
Gorgeous Blooms (plantable)

As low as $2.77

Purple Wedding Invitation on plantable paper ~ Spring Blooms by ForeverFiances Weddings (Watercolor) Floral Wedding Invitations ~ Sweet Seeds - Mint edition Spring Wedding Invitation with cherry blossoms branches | Golden Blooms
Sweet Seeds (plantable)

As low as $2.67

Fancy Script Save the Date cards ~ Gentle Whimsy (plantable & 100% recycled) Hand Drawn Poppies Wedding Invitations (seeded paper) Green Wedding Invitations ~ Bright Meadow
Recycled Paper Invitations ~ Botanical Playground (100% recycled paper) Elegant Green Wedding Invitations on seeded paper ~ Captivating Damask Send n Sealed invitations ~ Peonies in Wonderland

Garden Wedding Invitations | 100% recycled papers

Plantable Wedding Invitations

Shop our world famous plantable wedding invitations, including chalkboard wedding invitations, beach and destination wedding invitations, tree wedding invitations, affordable wedding invitations and also seeded table cards

Preserve our forests, our land, our planet, order the greenest paper for your wedding!
100% recycled paper - 100% Post Consumer Waste - Acid Free - Plantable