Plantable Seeded Papers


Seeded paper plantable into wildflowers

Foreverfiances exclusive seeded paper, embedded with wildflower seeds. Also available garden herbs seeded paper. Foreverfiances presents to you a wide collection of invitation cards paper with seeds embedded of wildflower plants and herbs embedded in them With the aim of helping the environment in every possible way, their invitation cards are crafted out of 100% recycled and handmade papers created with carbon neutral energy. Available in vivid colours and catchy designs, you can also personalize them according to your desire.

The entire idea of wedding favors is to give your guests a go- away present as a note of thanks. For the most part, when you give your guests sweets and even candy, they eat it and soon forget all about it. However, when you give them wedding favors that have a plantable option, they will always remember you every time they look at the plant, herb or flower. They can always wish you well as they keep thinking about you. what you might need to ensure is that the seeds included grow in the region that the guests are coming from. You may then need to customize them according to your guests.

seeded paper you can grow