Plantable Thank You Notes
handmade with seeded paper

Seeded Paper Thank you notes
The Tree We Climbed Into Thank you notes (Cream seeded paper) - Swiss Chocolate print

Seeded Paper Thank you notes
Our Tree Thank you notes (White seeded paper)

Seeded Paper Thank you cards
Elegant & Pretty Thank you notes (Tiffany Blue seeded paper)

The cards are made with biodegradable eco-paper using wind energy in the US and are embedded with an assortment of wildflower seeds. Our paper is handmade and is 100% recycled, so no trees were harmed to make this paper!

Plantable thank you notes send the purest expression of gratitude. A traditional fold-over note, printed with natural ink on handmade paper. Once planted, they will grow life. Choose between wildflowers or garden herbs seeds.

When the paper is planted, the seeds grow and the paper composts away, leaving no waste and leaving your lucky recipient with a beautiful garden of wildflowers.

Each card is embedded with a special mixture of wildflower seeds :
black-eyed susan, spurred snapdragon, shirley poppy, mexican hat, white yarrow, evening primrose, and sweet alyssum.
We also have a wonderful paper with basil, chives, oregano and thyme seeds. If you are looking for a specific seed or seed mix, please don't hesitate to inquire.

Wildflowers Thank you notes
Wildflowers Prairie Thank you notes (White seeded paper)

Created to match each wedding collection, our seeded paper thank you notes will convey your eco-chic style. Discover our complete lines of customizable plantable thank you notes. ForeverFiances created a large array of themes, including birds, trees, simple green foliage or modern calligraphy.

Be sure to check our selection of plantable greeting cards, non-personalized for just less $5 each. Find your perfect thank you notes or Happy Birthday card. (or get well cards).

Seeded Paper Greeting cards