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Charming_Foliage_favors_pl   Plantable Wedding Favors | Charming Foliage
Forget_Me_Not_favors_pl   Plantable Wedding Favors | Forget Me Not (donation)
Fresh_Tropica_favors_pl   Plantable Wedding Favors | Fresh Tropica
Love_Grows_favors_pl   Plantable Wedding Favors | Love Grows
Wild_Deer_favors_pl   Plantable Wedding Favors | Wild Deer
Old_Vine_favors_pl   Plantable Wedding Favors ~ Old Vine
Riding_Together_favors_pl   Plantable Wedding Favors ~ Riding Together
Shalom_favors_pl   Plantable Wedding Favors ~ Shalom (donation)
Beginnings_cl_pl   Plantable Wedding Invitations - Beginnings
Birds_in_Love_cl_pl   Plantable Wedding Invitations - Birds in Love
sweet_perched_eco_pl   Plantable Wedding Invitations | Sweet & Perched
Colorado_Countryside_eco_pl   Plantable Wedding Invitations ~ Colorado Countryside
Elegant_menu_pl   Plantable Wedding Menus ~ Elegant Frame
Graceful_Chic_menu_pl   Plantable Wedding Menus ~ Graceful Chic
PineGap_menu_pl   Plantable Wedding Menus ~ Pine Gap
Sunflower_menu_pl   Plantable Wedding Menus ~ Sunflower
rustic_type_Place_pl   Plantable Wedding Place Cards - Rustic Type
Shalom_program_pl   Plantable Wedding Programs ~ Shalom
Cool_Hipsters_save_pl   Plantable Wedding Save the Date - Cool Hipsters
Polished_Gold_all_re   Polished Gold (premium)
Poppies_field_pl_all   Poppies Field (aio, premium)
Mag_Sunflower_post_thank_re   Postcards | Magnificent Sunflower (premium)
Premium_Picture_program_re   Premium Picture (foldover)
green_wedding_invitations_pl   Pretty Leaf Green Invitations (plantable)
Bcards_Primrose_pl   Primrose (plantable)
PrincessL_cl_pl   Princess L. (plantable)
Printed_Proof   Printed Proof | Non-Plantable Only ($28)
Envelope_Printing   Printing on Envelopes (return address only)
Private_Affair_pl_all   Private Affair (plantable)
Private_Affair_all_re   Private Affair Invitations (premium)
Private_Event_BarMitzvah_pl   Private Event (plantable)
Private_Reception_gbp_all_re   Private Reception (premium, AIO)
professional_printing_mitzv_re   Professional Printing for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Aphrodite_programs_re   Programs | Aphrodite (premium)
Botanical_blooms_programs_re   Programs | Botanical Blooms (premium)
By_the_Little_Brook_program_re   Programs | By the Little Brook (premium)
monogram_programs_pl   Programs | Classic Monogram (plantable)
Colorado_Wildflowers_pr_pl   Programs | Colorado Wildflowers (plantable)
Fall_Birch_program_re   Programs | Fall Birch (premium)
grace_chic_programs_re   Programs | Graceful Chic (premium recycled)
Lake_Tahoe_program_re   Programs | Lake Tahoe (premium)
le_cabanon_pl   Programs | Le Cabanon (plantable)
lovely_fern_programs_re   Programs | Lovely Fern (vintage)
Mighty_fall_tree_program_re   Programs | Might Fall Tree (premium)
Misty_Mountain_program_re   Programs | Misty Mountains
NaturesGlory_program_re   Programs | Nature's Glory (premium)
Old_Vine_program_pl   Programs | Old Vine (plantable)
Pretty_Leaf_program_pl   Programs | Pretty Leaf (premium)
Romantique_programs_re   Programs | Romantique (premium)
Sept_Birch_program_pl   Programs | September Birch (🌱plantable)
Sophisi_Mansion_programs_re   Programs | Sophisticated Mansion (premium)
Southern_Trees_program_re   Programs | Southern Trees (premium)
Summer_Fireflies_program_re   Programs | Summer Fireflies (premium)
LeRoiSoleil_program_pl   Programs | Sunflower (plantable)
Swamis_programs_re   Programs | Swamis (premium)
Vieux_Oak_program_pl   Programs | Vieux Oak (plantable)
Vieux_Oak_program_re   Programs | Vieux Oak (premium)
Winter_UpstateNY_program_re   Programs | Winter In Upstate NY (premium)
prosperity_gbp_holiday_pl   Prosperity (plantable)
Prudential_gbp_thank_pl   Prudential Real Estate Cards (seeded)
pure_joy_gbp_holiday_pl   Pure Joy (plantable)
Winter_Valor_re_black   Purple Chalk Wedding | Winter Valor (premium)
Golden_Frame_menu_re   Purple Wedding Menus ~ Golden Frame
Honey_Bee_Place_pl   Queen Honey Bee *plantable
apple_tree_Quinceanera_pl   Quinceanera | Apple Tree (plantable)
Garden_Quinceanera_cl_pl   Quinceanera | Cheery Garden (🌱plantable)
swirls_Quinceanera_cl_pl   Quinceanera | Floral Swirls (plantable)
butterfly_Quinceanera_cl_pl   Quinceanera | Pink Butterfly (plantable)
spring_bloom_Quinceanera_pl   Quinceanera | Pink Spring Blooms (🌱plantable)
green_realtors_gbp_eco_pl   Real Eastate Open House Cards ~ Green Realtor
New_Plan_re_gbp_eco_pl   Real Estate Congratulations Cards - New Plan
Beginnings_gbp_congrat_pl   Realtor Cards | New home (plantable)
Bird_House_gbp_congrat_pl   Realtor New Home Congratulations | Bird House (plantable)
Estate_gbp_congrat_pl   Realtor New Home Congratulations ~ The Estate
Open_House_gbp_insert_pl   Realtor Thank You Cards | Open House (plantable)
Open_House_2_gbp_insert_pl   Realtor Thank You Cards | Open House Script
Envelope_colored   Recycled Colored Envelopes
SolidOak_RSVP_re   Recycled Insert Cards ~ Solid Oak
AmourdeCalla_thk_re   Recycled Paper Thank You Cards ~ Amour de Calla
Pegasus_thk_re   Recycled Paper Thank You Cards ~ Pegasus
TreeBark_thk_re   Recycled Paper Thank You Cards ~ Tree Bark
Pegasus_cl_re   Recycled Paper Wedding Invitations ~ Pegasus
fall_meadow_place_re   Recycled Place Cards - Fall Meadow
Mountain_Birch_place_re   Recycled Place Cards - Mountain Birch
alegria_quince_re   Recycled Quinceanera Invitations - Alegria
GardenParty_cl_re   Recycled Rehearsal Dinner Invitations - Green Party
Lovebirds_Meal   Recycled RSVP/Meal cards ~ LoveBirds
Summer_Stories_thk_re   Recycled Thank you cards - Summer Stories
Romance_thk_re   Recycled Thank you cards | Romance
lolita_thk_re   Recycled Thank You Cards ~ Lolita
Rings_of_Life_thank_re   Recycled Thank You Cards ~ Rings of Life
Shalom_thk_re   Recycled Thank You Cards ~ Shalom
UpstateNY_thk_re   Recycled Thank You Cards ~ Upstate NY
PeoniesinWonder_cl_re   Recycled Wedding Invitations ~ Peonies in Wonderland
AmourdeCalla_program_re   Recycled Wedding Programs - Amour de Calla (foldover)
Lolita_program_re   Recycled Wedding Programs - Lolita (foldover)
winter_forest_program_re   Recycled Wedding Programs - Winter Forest
AndromedasVine_program_re   Recycled Wedding Programs ~ Andromeda's Vine
Gorgeous_Blooms_program_re   Recycled Wedding Programs ~ Gorgeous Blooms
Rosewood_all_re   Red flower Wedding Invitations | Rosewood (premium)
RSVP_organic_yellow_re   Registry Wedding Insert Cards
Graceful_chic_pl_rehea   Rehearsal | Graceful Chic (plantable)
country_sunflower_re_reh   Rehearsal Dinner | Country Sunflower (premium)
misty_mountains_re_reh   Rehearsal Dinner | Misty Mountains (premium)
The_Estate_rehe_pl   Rehearsal Dinner | The Estate (plantable)
forever_eco_chic_re_eco   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations | Forever Eco-Chic
romantic_fern_re_reh   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations | Romantic Fern (premium)
Touch_Love_pl_eco   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ At The Touch of Love
Eco_Chic_Fancy_pl_rehears   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Eco-Chic Fancy
Elegant_Back_rehSM_re   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Elegant Back Country
Elegant_Rec_rehSM_re   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Elegant Reception
Majestic_Yosemite_re_eco   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Majestic Yosemite
NaturesGlory_dinrehearse_re_cl   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Nature's Glory
Night_Day_pl_rehears   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Night & Day
Riverside_rehe_pl   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Riverside
rustic_chalk_re_cl   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Rustic Chalk
rustic_pink_chalk_re_cl   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Rustic Pink
Tree_We_Climbed_into_pl_rehe   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ The Tree We Climbed Into
yellowstone_re_cl   Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ~ Yellowstone
Remarkable_biz_cards_pl   Remarkable (seeded paper)
Reserve_Your_Date_pl_save   Reserve Your Date (plantable)
Rhode_Islands_Reeds_cl_pl   Rhode Islands Reeds (plantable)
Riding_Together_cl_re   Riding Together
RingsOfLife_pl_all   Rings of Life (plantable)
Romance_re_black   Romance (Black Tie, Premium)
Romance_eco_pl   Romance (eco, plantable)
Romance_winter_re_all   Romance (winter)
Romance_pl_all   Romance AIO (plantable)
romantic_garden_eco_pl   Romantic Garden Invitations (plantable)
Romantic_Lights_re_all   Romantic Lights (Premium)
Romantic_Night_cl_re   Romantic Night Rehearsal Dinner Invitations (premium)
FloralDelice_cl_pl   Romantic Wedding Invitations ~ Floral Delice
fresh_Romantique_cl_re   Romantique (premium)
Bcards_rose_blush_pl   Rose Blush Business Cards (plantable)
RoseGarden_all_re   Rose Garden (premium)
Royal_Sophisticated_re_all   Royal & Sophisticated (chalk, aio)
Royal_Sophisticated_cl_pl   Royal & Sophisticated (plantable)
royal_sophisticated_gbp_pl_all   Royal & Sophisticated (plantable, AIO)
Royal_Sophisticated_cl_re   Royal & Sophisticated (Premium Recycled)
Royal_Purple_re_black_gbp   Royal Purple (non-plantable)
GardenJewels_rsvp_pl   Rsvp Wedding Cards - Garden Jewels
RSVP_Insert_pl   RSVP/Insert Wedding Cards (seeded paper)
Rural_Winter_Night_cl_re   Rural Winter Night (premium)
Happy_Board_cl_pl   Rusitc Wedding Invitations | Happy Board (plantable)
Antique_Frame_menu_pl   Rustic Elegant Menus | Antique Frame (plantable)
Missoula_Place_pl   Rustic Gift Tags - Missoula (seeded paper)
Missoula_cl_re   Rustic Wedding Invitations - Missoula (100% recycled)
Elegant_Back_countr_program_re   Rustic Wedding Programs | Elegant Back-Country
Sacred_Colors_cl_pl   Sacred Colors (plantable)
Cl_Sacred_Colors_re   Sacred Colors (premium)
Sacred_Star_cl_pl   Sacred Star (plantable)
Sail_Away_cl_pl   Sail Away (Long, plantable)
SAMPLE_alt   Samples from ForeverFiances
sd_skyline_cl_re   San Diego Skyline Wedding Invitations (premium)
Sand_Dollar_eco_pl   Sand Dollar Wedding invitations
santa_cruz_Surf_cl_re   Santa Cruz Surf (premium)
IBSantaPlay   Santa Play (seeded paper)
Southern_Trees_save_pl   Save / Date | Southern Trees (plantable)
Adornment_Save_re   Save | Adornment (premium chalk)
Airmail_save_pl   Save | Airmail (plantable)
Bright_and_Bold_pl_save   Save | Bright and Bold (plantable)
ca_state_save_re   Save | California State (premium)
Peacock_save_pl   Save | Delicate Peacock (plantable)
GardensJewels_Save   Save | Garden's Jewels (plantable)
LaForet_pl_save   Save | La Foret (plantable)
Lake_Tahoe_save_re   Save | Lake Tahoe (premium)
LeCabanon_save_pl   Save | Le Cabanon (plantable)
Love_brew_jar_pl_save   Save | Love Brew (plantable)
Lovely_Fern_save_re   Save | Lovely Fern (premium)
Modern_Chevron_pl_save   Save | Modern Chevron (plantable)
Natural_Settings_save_re   Save | Natural Settings (premium photo)
Organic_Wildflower_pl_save   Save | Organic Wildflowers (Plantable)
Paradise_Island_Save_re   Save | Paradise Island (premium)
Septemer_Birch_save_pl   Save | September Birch (plantable)
Sophisticated_save_pl   Save | Sophisticated (plantable)
Stargazer_Lily_pl_save   Save | Stargazer Lily (plantable)
Vintage_Boards_save_re   Save | Vintage Boards (premium)
Weeping_Willow_save_pl   Save | Weeping Willow (plantable)
Wildflowers_Prairie_save_pl   Save | Wildflowers Prairie (plantable)
woodland_save_re   Save | Woodland (premium)
Abroad_Save_re   Save the Date | Abroad (premium)
Green_Save   Save the Date | Antique Lettering (plantable)
Apple_Tree_pl_save   Save the Date | Apple Tree (plantable)
aqua_mist_Save_re   Save the Date | Aqua Mist (premium)
Classic_Heraldry_save_pl   Save the Date | Classic Heraldry
fairy_woods_save_re   Save the Date | Fairy Woods (Kraft, premium)
Folk_Save_pl   Save the Date | Folk (plantable)
forest_songs_save_pl   Save the Date | Forest Songs (plantable)
forever_ecochic_save_pl   Save the Date | Forever Eco-Chic (plantable)
french_hydrangea_save_pl   Save the Date | French Hydrangea (plantable)
Gorgeous_Poppies_save_re   Save the Date | Gorgeous Poppies (premium)
italian_hydrangea_save_pl   Save the Date | Italian Hydrangea (plantable)
LaGrange_save   Save the Date | La Grange (premium)
MyLoveRosie_Save   Save the Date | My Love Rosie (plantable)
Nautical_save_pl   Save the Date | Nautical (plantable)
Ocean_Save_pl   Save the Date | Ocean (plantable)
Olive_de_Toscane_save_pl   Save the Date | Olive de Toscane (plantable)
PeoniesinWonder_Save_pl   Save the Date | Peonies in Wonderland (plantable)
Rosewood_save_re   Save the Date | RoseWood (premium)
summer_stories_save_pl   Save the Date | Summer Stories (plantable)

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